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This holiday season, we're airdropping over $100k of NFTs from our Crypto Packaged Goods collection. Why? Because we're nice.

Every NFT grants access to our private web3 community, deal flow, events, and brand incubation channels.

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12 winners will be selected. Only 5,000 submissions will be accepted. Submissions close 12/10/21.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Crypto Packaged Goods (CPG) NFT?

CPG NFTs are collectible Ethereum tokens that grant access within the Club CPG community. For more info, read the Project Overview.

How many winners will there be?

There will be 12 unique winners.

When will airdrops happen?

Airdrops will happen once a day from 12/13/21-12/24/21.

What can I do with my CPG NFT?

1) Access the private Telegram group
2) Receive access to Club CPG deal flow and brand incubation subchats
3) Access Club CPG events

Who created the project?

Chris Cantino and Jaime Schmidt.

How do I contact Club CPG?

Email us at
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A series of collectible NFTs facilitating networking and mentorship in web3 and consumer.
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